We are open for worship and are utilizing guidelines from Governor Walz regarding houses of worship. 

We must have a formal plan that is posted and public, and we must maintain social distancing. 


1.  We will seat 30% of our capacity of 180.  That means 54 people will be permitted to gather for worship. 
2.  Seating is generally every other pew or more to allow for 6 feet social distancing.  The pews are 12 feet long with a brace in the middle so it is easy to visualize the appropriate social distancing.
3. Seating toward the ends of the pews allows for the best social distancing. 
4. Those who may sit together in one pew are family members, couples, partners, and very close friends with whom you spend time. 
5. Face masks are required to enter the building and must be worn while seated and while in the building.  
6. We will not engage in rituals with high touch such as handshakes, and passing the offering plate.  The offering plate will be set on a pedestal, and you may drop in your offerings.  
7. We are sharing Holy Communion using an individual pre-packaged serving, which individuals select from a table upon arriving and take to their seats and use when directed.
8. We sing hymns and read aloud softly, while wearing facemasks.
9. There will be no hospitality time or communal meals.
10.  Any handouts, such as bulletins, will be single use.  Handouts are distributed by one greeter who has sanitized hands.  Worshippers will deposit used bulletins into a wastebasket for disposal.  
11.  Hymnals are used by only one user during a worship service on Sunday.  Touched hymnals will not be used again for 7 days, until the following Sunday.  According to CDC guidelines, Covid-19 is transmitted poorly by surface contact, so our hymnals will not be disinfected or cleaned, and they will not be touched again by anyone for 7 days between uses.
12. Church pews that have been occupied in worship will not be occupied again for 7 days, until the following Sunday. According to CDC guidelines, Covid-19 is transmitted poorly by surface contact, so our pews will not be disinfected or cleaned, and they will not be occupied again by anyone for 7 days between uses.  
13. If you are feeling ill in any way, refrain from attending worship.  If you feel uncomfortable or cautious about attending worship, we honor your feelings and want you to feel no obligation to come, and no guilt for staying home. 
14. If you are in a high risk group for contacting Covid-19, please give careful consideration to your health before attending worship.  
15.  Bathrooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each Sunday.
16. At the end of worship, people will exit the building wearing face masks. 

17. When entering the building all persons will use hand sanitizer, which will be available inside each entry.

18. If circumstances warrant, additions or changes to this plan may need to be made.  This would include cases when our church may be used for funerals during the week, and may require specific cleaning.

If necessary, we can open windows and doors to provide for cross ventilation, as well as turn on ceiling fans.